6 Ways to Stay in Touch After Your Summer Internship

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6 Ways to Stay in Touch After Your Summer Internship blog image

6 Ways to Stay in Touch After Your Summer Internship

I know most of you are finishing up your summer internships. Here are some tips on how to stay in touch with your summer internship coordinator after the internship ends:

1. Find out his or her birthday. Put this on your calendar and remember it every year for the rest of your life! Make sure to put in a personal call or email or send a card on their birthday. Everyone loves when the birthday phone rings!

2. Send them a thank you note after the internship. Hand-written thank you notes, please!

3. My special Intern Queen rule is that you stay in touch with professional employers 3 times per year. Every semester, make sure to shoot your former boss a quick update and say hello. Only ask for advice when you need it.

4. Set Your Google Alerts. Make sure to enter your coordinator's name into your Google Alerts. Anytime their name is mentioned in the news, you should be aware, and shoot them a note.

5. Add them to your holiday cards list. You are a professional now -- time to start acting like one. This year, go out of your way to send holiday cards to your professional contacts.

6. Add Value. How can you add value to your former boss? If you come across any interesting articles or information your former boss can use (you would know this from interning with them) -- make sure to send over. If your boss is a digital marketing buff and you read an interesting article about digital marketing that you think they might enjoy -- send over the link!