7 Guidelines On Blogging You Should Always Remember

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7 Guidelines On Blogging You Should Always Remember

This is a guest blog written by our previous Intern Queen interns, Ashley, Michelle and Katie.

Blogging doesn’t have to be difficult. If you follow simple guidelines you can make any post seem like a professional blog post. It takes more than great content to make a blog post succeed. Layout, grammar, and photos can take a blog post to the next level. The Interns here at Intern Queen have complied a list of 7 guidelines you should always remember when blogging.

1. Capitalization. Always make sure you are capitalizing the right words. Not everything needs to be in capital letters!

2. Bullet Points. Make sure your bullet points are all around the same length, otherwise the post will look uneven and unappealing.

3. Images. Use real images that attract the audience you are looking for. Make sure they come from a reliable source and remember to not use stock photography. This can be slightly surprising as many companies use only Google.

4. Paragraph lenght.  Make sure all paragrahs are about the same length. Measure a paragraph by how many lines they take up instead of how many sentences they are. Ex: A paragraph could be measured as 4 lines long instead of 5 sentences long.

5. Formatting. When your blog is in the form of a list, use numbers, otherwise use points.

6.  Ending the blog. When ending your blog, include a closing line that asks a question or gives ther reader a call to action.

7. Editing. Make sure you read through your blog before posting and make edits that can improve your blog. This includes reading through and making sure you don't repeat the same words too often. Websites like Paper Rater can check for spelling, grammar, and word usage.

With a litttle bit of time and hard work blogging can be your new favorite social media outlet. Make sure you reference back to these 7 tips to make your blog the next big thing.