7 Reasons Why 2017 is the Perfect Year for an International Internship

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7 Reasons Why 2017 is the Perfect Year for an International Internship blog image

7 Reasons Why 2017 is the Perfect Year for an International Internship

2017 is the ideal opportunity to go on an international adventure, meet interesting people from all over the world and gain professional experience that will boost your job prospects and launch your career. This could be the year that changes your life forever - if you let it be.


The Intern Group, an award-winning international internship provider, has put together their reasons for why you should intern abroad in 2017.


  1. You’ll become more independent

An internship abroad can be an incredible source of growth for a young person. Throwing yourself into a new city and new job where you know essentially nobody will test your self-reliance and independence. Even though it can be terrifying at first, you’ll quickly realize that you’ve totally got this.


  1. You’ll see a new part of the world

Interning abroad is different than merely traveling around. First of all, vacations usually last 1-2 weeks, which is definitely not enough time to really get to know a city and check everything off your itinerary. An internship gives you more time and more in-depth travel experience. You’re living and working in a foreign country, making it a genuine cultural exchange and a more worthwhile international experience.


  1. Your Instagram feed will be on fleek

Whether on Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook, it’s fun to post pictures of adventures. While living and working abroad, you can take your social media presence to the next level, posting unique pictures. It’s fun to share your adventures and discoveries with others!


  1. You’ll gain professional experience abroad

International professional experience looks great on a resume and will better prepare you for success in your field. Adjusting to cultural differences at the office and understanding your work from a different cultural standpoint will make you a more well-rounded and globally-minded employee.


  1. You’ll pick up another language

A second language will open up a whole new world to you and the best way to learn a language is through immersion. Living abroad, speaking and listening to a foreign language, you’ll be able to pick up language skills. Knowing another language will make you more employable as well - especially if you have worked in a bilingual office.


  1. You’ll catch the travel bug

The people you know who are huge travelers, didn’t start off that way. It takes an international trip or two to get the hang of how to make travel worthwhile, because everybody is different and enjoys different aspects of being on the road. An internship abroad is a great way to expose a young person to travel and empower them to plan their own trips, while still having a home base and fellow interns to plan sightseeing and excursions with.


  1. You’ll make friends from around the world

One of the most important benefits of an internship abroad is the opportunity to establish meaningful relationships with people from all over the world. At your internship you’ll meet interesting professionals in your field. At intern events, you’re able to establish friendships with young, globally-minded people. These friendships could inspire business ventures, international trips, lifelong support systems and much more.

If you want to intern abroad in 2017, check out The Intern Group’s programs in London, Europe, China, Australia and Latin America.

This is a sponsored blog post written by The Intern Group.