7 Reasons why Intern Queen Phone Is Valuable For Intern Applicants.

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7 Reasons why Intern Queen Phone Is Valuable For Intern Applicants.

This post was written by Intern Queen Phone attendee, Zoe. Here is what she had to say:

The first Intern Queen Phone went live on Monday night and I was one of the fortunate people signed up to the chat with Lauren Peteroy from BWR PR. Here are 7 reasons why I would recommend joining for the next:

1. Intern Queen has initially done the work for you, contacting industry insiders from well known and respected companies for you to meet via conference call.

2. Start your networking! Introductions are made between like minded people searching for internships, Intern Queen herself; Lauren Berger, and whomever the insider is on the particular call.

3. Questions from yourself and the other intern hopefuls will be asked and answered during the call - so ask anything you like!

4. Learn about what is expected from interns and favored by employers to really start you off on the right track.

5. Personal tips and experiences are shared by the insider which allows you to really have a sense of what interning is really like.

6. You never know, you may even take away the insiders contact details at the end - all the better if you are thinking of applying to that particular company!

7. Get ahead of the competition!

-Zoe Halstead, Intern wannabe.