7 Reasons You Should Join Twitter #RightNow

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7 Reasons You Should Join Twitter #RightNow

Jeanette is one of our original ambassadors from Arizona State University. If you attend ASU and would like to blog, please comment on this and she will get in touch!

140 characters, 640 tweets per second and 106 million users. Twitter is growing everyday and it’s time to join the fun! If you’re on the edge of whether or not you should make an account, here are seven reasons why you should!

  1. Receive news as it breaks – If you like to keep up with current news or want to be the first to know something, then Twitter was made for you. Since anyone can tweet, people around the world can tweet about their experiences, thoughts or rumors they hear. Why wait for broadcasters when you can receive the news in a second? By setting your trending topics to your local city, country or even worldwide, you are able to view the top 10 topics people are talking about.
  2. Follow people in the industry – Let’s say you love the public relations industry. With Twitter, you can search for and follow a plethora of public relations agencies or pr professionals. Stay up to date with professional’s blogs, trends in the industry and you can learn about an agency’s clients. Moreover, you are able to tweet the agencies directly and have a conversation.
  3. Daily Specials – Follow your favorite restaurants, boutiques, salons, etc. and sooner or later they’re going to post deals that you can’t receive anywhere else. Also, companies may have give-a-ways or contests to enter. If it weren’t for Twitter, chances are you wouldn’t know about their fabulous deals.
  4. Become connected to people who are just like you – Are you involved in a nationwide organization? If so, you can search the organizations name in order to find other members. Tweets will appear from public profiles that have the same phrase that you searched. Therefore, you are able to follow them!
  5. Receive opportunities – Want to know how I became an Intern Queen Campus Ambassador? Through Twitter! Lauren Berger, the Intern Queen, tweeted about an upcoming Campus Ambassador program and I inquired through a tweet. After a couple of direct messages, I emailed her a personal statement as well as my resume. I have also become aware of local and national internships by tweeting a company’s social media representative. Without Twitter, I would have been unaware of so many available opportunities.
  6. Give Feedback – So you went out to lunch and absolutely loved the salad that you ordered. Let the restaurant know! Feedback only improves how businesses are run and it helps bridge any communication gaps a company may feel with their customers. Also, if they see that everyone loves a particular salad, I doubt it will go off the menu anytime soon.
  7. Because hash tagging is fun – For reader’s who already have a Twitter account, they know that they’ve had #oneofthosehashtaggingmoments and loved it. Yet, hashtagging does have a neat purpose. For example, at Arizona State University’s 2011 graduation, the Twitter hashtag was #ASUGrad. Graduates, family members, friends, etc. tweeted about graduation and ended the tweet with #ASUGrad. Later, by clicking on this hashtag, they were able to see all of the other tweets talking about the same graduation. Another time a hashtag can be used is when your favorite TV show has a new episode. All you have to do is hashtag the name of TV show within a tweet, click on the hashtag and then read what everyone is talking about.

After you’re done making a Twitter account (as you’re currently so tempted to), be sure to follow @InternQueen and well as her Campus Ambassadors.