7 Steps to Landing a Summer Internship

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7 Steps to Landing a Summer Internship

It’s summer internship season and you need advice, we know. So here you go. These are 7  steps that I want you to follow  to land that perfect summer internship. And remember, we have plenty  of other resources for you. At the bottom of this, we’ll  link some  great videos for you to watch. You can also sign up to watch our video class, HERE. Enjoy!

1. Give Your Materials a Face Lift. It’s time to take out that old resume and cover letter and make sure they are up-to-date, speak specifically to the positions you are applying for, and talk about specific accomplishments.  

2. Specify Your Graduation Year. An employer should be able to easily understand what year you are in school.  Do this by specifying your expected graduation month and year on your resume.

3. Edit Your Cover Letter. I advise students to write cover letters with as much passion as possible for their first draft. Really get into it and tell a company why you are the right person for the job. After you write that version, go through it with a more “authoritative/professional” eye and edit and clean it up as needed. Ultimately, you want to find the perfect mix here between passionate and professional.

4. Print out the Job or Internship Posting. Play a game of connect the dots. Print out the internship listing, go through it with a highlighter, and highlight any buzz words you see. What is the company ultimately looking for? Now look back at your resume, do you speak to what they are looking for?

5. Write down the day you apply and any position specifics. If you are going to follow up with the employer, you send your resume to (which you should) OR if you are going to follow  up with a contact at the company, you are going to want to send them extremely specific information on when you applied and exactly what you applied  for. Make it easy to follow up and for people to help you. 

6. Follow Up on Applications. I encourage you to follow up with employers to ensure your emails were properly received. Follow up emails can be short, courteous, and to-the-point. 

7. Find a Contact Inside of the Company. Utilize LinkedIn to find contacts who work at your dream company and also went to your university.  Reach out to these people  via LinkedIn (as many as possible) and see if they are willing to jump on a call and do an informational interview with you. You’ll be surprised. People are willing to help! Once you set these calls, ask if they are able to follow  up on your internship application.

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