7 Tips to Help You Survive a Skype or FaceTime Interview!

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7 Tips to Help You Survive a Skype or FaceTime Interview!  blog image

7 Tips to Help You Survive a Skype or FaceTime Interview!

I’ve been getting lots of questions about how to best prepare for a Skype or FaceTime interview (that’s right – people are doing interviews over FaceTime now!) I wanted to put together a few tips for you to read over to prep for that big interview. Good luck!

1. Place Computer on a Flat Surface. An employer was telling me over the weekend how she recently interviewed a candidate who put their computer on their lap and bounced it up and down throughout their entire interview. The employer was getting dizzy during the interview and it made the camera view extremely awkward. Make sure to place your computer on a flat surface.

2. Look at the Camera. We like to see what we look like on Skype or Facetime but make sure that you check yourself out ahead of time so that during the interview you can look at the camera. Think of this as your way to make great eye contact.

3. Control Your Surroundings. The hard thing about doing these interviews from home is that you might have roommates talking, televisions turned on, dogs barking, doorbells ringing, or toilet bowls flushing. Sometimes the best idea is to ask your career center if they have a room you can borrow for the interview.

4. Watch What’s Behind You. Again, if you do your interview from your room you have to make sure nothing is behind you. Make sure you don’t have any inappropriate photos behind you!

5. Practice! Before you do an interview over the computer – do a mock interview with your career center or just a friend or family member. Ask them for their honest feedback.

6. Test the WIFI. Make sure to test the WIFI before you do your interview. Try to avoid doing these types of interviews in hotel rooms as the WIFI is often times not strong enough. Make sure you have a connection that works. Connect 10-15 minutes before your interview to make sure you are ready.

7. Dress Professionally. Even though this is via Skype – make sure to look polished and professional. Put on make-up, do your hair, and do anything you would do if you had a normal interview.

Good luck! For more interview advice, read my internship book All Work, No Pay