7 Websites Every High Schooler Should Get To Know

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7 Websites Every High Schooler Should Get To Know

1. LinkedIn.com, This website is where professionals and companies make their own profile and connect with other people. This is a great place to find internships, and recommendations. It’s basically a free way to connect with employers, and a boost in the professional world. You need to have an actual career to join (no, not McDonalds cashier), but an actual career such as a newspaper professional. That’s what I put on my LinkedIn account.  It was the only way to sign up, but remember to always list that you’re in high school in your profile and that it was a related career. Last but not least is I remember attending Lauren Berger’s speech at the Mizzou campus and some great advice she told the audience was, it’s really great when you have LinkedIn because you can always add all the companies or professionals you want to work for and see what their up to (in a none creepy way), and message them asking for some advice from the present and past interns and how they managed to land a job in that certain company. These companies could be from Allure magazine to your favorite author. Don’t hesitate when asking for advice it always helps.

Profile tips: Remember to keep your picture clean and professional. What that means is no peace signs, no rock on signs, no puckered up face, keep the goods hidden! Just a nice smile, some decent clothes and the job is done.

2.Fastweb.com, This site is all about high school and college students. It gives you the best information on finding the best internships and scholarships. I’ve applied for a couple of scholarships myself, and I have to say this website is the best around when it comes to applying for scholarships.

3.Volunteermatch.org, This websites name pretty much gives itself away. It matches you up with volunteer opportunities that you would like to do.  Just go to the search box and type in your location and the type of volunteer work you would like to attend. I usually type in St.Louis, Mo because that’s a near city where I live and Journalism/writing for the type of volunteer work. Volunteer work looks great on your resume and it can be really fun to do as well.

4.Craigslist.com, I’m sure everyone has heard of this site, but it really can be a huge help when finding jobs or internships. The thing about Craigslist though is that you have to do a little more research because sometimes people can post scams and fake offers. Don’t get me wrong though some are very legit. What you have to ask yourself to make sure it’s not a scam is: Do they have correct grammar and punctuation? Is their email legit? One time I got an email about an internship offer and I copied the email and put it in the search box and Googled it and people were writing reviews on how it was no good, and a scam. Do they have an address or phone number listed? Last, do they have a networking site? When you know all of those listed above are completely legit and safe then start finding some good jobs and internships!

5.Bettergrads.org, This site is really helpful in overall decision making for a career choice in high school. It has great tips and is very informative. I highly recommend checking this site out. The interesting stuff is on their blog.

6.Entrepreneur.com, This site is a very mature contented site. What I mean by that is it’s not exactly for high school students but for a more mature audience. But don’t give up hope because this site really gives some good advice that could be used for the future or even for the present. I made an account on entrepreneur.com and I joined the “community” part on the site. I posted my blog and where I could find an internship and among other questions. Oh, and I also posted my Twitter (@thatgirlrose)-easy way for employers to contact you. Well guess what, I got many helpful responses and a message later that week for someone offering me money to fill out some surveys. It sounded like a scam at first, or it was me being very suspicious and cautious, but it turns out this guy was the real deal. I looked up this persons company and name like I do for everything making  sure it’s not a scam. I saw many honest looking reviews saying that this isn’t a scam I even saw some videos. Also, a lot of “entrepreneur’s” who had seen my post followed me on twitter which is really good because I have my blog listed. Overall, this is an excellent site.

7.Skype, I’m sure most teens now have Skype already but if you don’t have an account get one now! This site is great! All employers want you to have one and it’s great for virtual internships. Plus it’s free, fun, and reliable! That line sounded very “commercial sounding” but trust me this is on the must-have list. I have two accounts one for friends and family and the second one for business contacts. Also, when making a Skype account for business you don’t want to have any silly account names. For my friend/family account mine is retrotiltheend. That doesn’t sound very professional and isn’t very easy to find me, so my professional Skype is rgear13. Now that’s professional! You also want to keep your email professional too (Word of the wise from Lauren Berger). The professional Skype/email is for sending your resume and other business related things, and rather than having unicorngirl@yahoo.com or ilikecheese@live.com (These could be someone’s email-used as an example- DO NOT EMAIL PLEASE!)  You can save yourself from looking like an immature dork and have a nice clean cut email. To figure out what your professional email should be called just keep it simple. Put your first letter in your name- mine is R. Then your last name, which mine is- Gear. This way your employer will know who you are without even looking inside the email.

Ps: Have fun and be smart! It’s summer , this is the time when you should work the most!