8 Reasons Why You Didn't Get the Internship

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8 Reasons Why You Didn't Get the Internship

You've been doing a ton of interviewing lately and nothing seems to stick. You are interviewing for fall internships, jobs -- you'll take what you can get. You keep messing up the interview and you don't know why. Here are 8 reasons (compiled from employers) why you didn't get the job or internship.

1. You didn't sound excited or passionate about the brand, the company, the day-to-day or the interview. Overall, you sounded like you could fall asleep at any moment.

2. You hadn't been to the company website and you didn't know very much about the company.

3. You kept saying you had "so much" experience but when asked about it, you only had one example to name.

4. You sounded "starstruck" on the phone and almost too eager....

5. You were late for the interview (phone or in-person).

6. The company asked about the social media tools you use on a daily basis and you didn't have any response.

7. You weren't aware of the position you were applying for.

8. You spoke too casually during the interview. You treated the employer as a friend and not as a potential boss.