8 Things You Need While Interning for a News Station

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8 Things You Need While Interning for a News Station blog image

8 Things You Need While Interning for a News Station

This blog was written by Laura Monroe, our Campus Ambassador at the University of Alabama. She is a rising senior dual majoring in Journalism and English. She is currently interning with ABC 3340 in Birmingham. Follow her on Twitter @lauralizmonroe.

Is an internship at a news station in your future? Answering yes to this question can only mean one thing: a whirlwind of an experience. The field of broadcast journalism is fast paced, exciting and always changing. Each and every day in the newsroom holds something new and, as an intern, you might never do the same thing twice. When shadowing reporters, you must always be ready to hit the road to cover breaking news and you never know where that road might lead. To get the most out of your internship, you should always have these things:

1. Comfortable flats- Yes, you are going to want to wear those pretty pumps, but you should save those for days you don’t plan to leave the newsroom. After one day of standing on the side of the road teetering and aching in your heels at the scene of a wreck, you’ll understand why a pair of back up shoes never hurts.

2. Pen and notepad- though you won’t necessarily be asked to jot down quotes during an interview, a pad of paper and a pen come in handy when you’re making calls or writing the script for your story.

3. Healthy snacks- a lunch break is never a promised thing in the TV news world. It doesn’t matter what job you hold in the newsroom, from reporter to producer, your day is controlled by the ever-changing news. Having an easy, on-the-go snack is always a good idea and packing a healthy option to distract you from the cake in the break room is even better.

4. External hard drive or flash drive- Part of your time at the station will likely include editing videos and making packages. Maybe it is just for practice or maybe they will use your work, but either way, it is great experience. Plus, you can use these as part of your resume reel when applying for jobs in the future. One thing to remember is that they probably can’t store your videos forever. So, instead of taking the risk of losing all of your hard work, bring an external hard drive or a flash drive with plenty of storage and save everything.

6. Blazer-You might not choose to wear your blazer into work everyday, but it is always a good idea to bring one with you. Maybe it’s because it looks professional or maybe it’s just because everyone does it, but for some reason the words “reporter” and “blazer” just go together nicely.

7. Phone charger- Bring it just in case you are covering a story with a reporter and won’t return to the newsroom for a few hours. Give your phone a little juice before you leave and you won’t risk the chance of being phoneless all day.

8. Hairbrush and makeup-It’s probably no surprise that these made the list. It’s a good idea to have everything you need for a quick touch up before going on camera!