8 Ways to Improve Your Public Speaking

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8 Ways to Improve Your Public Speaking

Happy Wednesday everyone! I can’t believe we are already halfway through the week! A lot students often email me to ask me how they can improve when speaking in public. The two most common fears I always hear from people are 1) Rejection and 2) Public Speaking. I know it can be daunting to think that you will speak in front of a group of people (small or large) the fear tends to always be there. Today I am helping you get over that fear!

I’ve been speaking in public since I was practically a little girl. When I started my business, I almost solely relied on speaking to make an income. Whether you want to pursue a career in public speaking or simply need some tips for an upcoming presentation, watch today’s video and make sure you follow my tips! Remember the more you practice the better speaker you will become.

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