9 Internships You MUST Apply For This Weekend!

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9 Internships You MUST Apply For This Weekend!  blog image

9 Internships You MUST Apply For This Weekend!

We are in heavy fall internship season. Now is the time to apply, apply, apply. Here are a few internships that are new to our site that you MUST apply for this weekend!

1. Bayard Advertising Agency (New York, NY): http://internqueen.com/internship/fall-internship-bayard-advertising-agency

2. Prevention Magazine (New York, NY): http://internqueen.com/internship/prevention-magazine-web-internship

3. Aarrow Advertising (Virtual OR Los Angeles/San Diego): http://internqueen.com/internship/aarrow-virtual-2012-internship

4. ID Public Relations (Los Angeles, CA): http://internqueen.com/internship/id-public-relations-internship-fall-2012

5. Elektro Magazine (New York, New York): http://internqueen.com/internship/editorial-internship-elektro-magazineh...

6. Malibu Magazine (Los Angeles, CA): http://internqueen.com/internship/malibu-magazine-0

7. Film Rites (Los Angeles, CA): http://internqueen.com/internship/film-rites-fall-internship

8. Details Magazine (New York, NY): http://internqueen.com/internship/cond%C3%A9-nast-internship-opportunity...

9. InternQueen.com (Los Angeles, CA): http://internqueen.com/internship/intern-queen-inc-2