9 Resume Hacks!

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9 Resume Hacks!

As the Intern Queen I spend a lot of time looking through lots of students’ resumes! I come across amazing students that I know have what it takes to intern or rep a brand on campus but sometimes, their resumes need a little help.

A while back, I came across a student’s resume that needed a little help. He was applying for one of our brand ambassador programs but his resume was all over the place. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to use his resume as an example to help you all update your resume too. Now, a lot of students do exactly what he did on his resume so I am not picking on him whatsoever (I changed the name and info for privacy) but I thought it was a good example that I know will help students everywhere!

After watching the video below make sure you open your resume and update it and start applying for those Spring internships! Right now is the perfect time to send in those applications.

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