Academic Support Centers: Why You Should Use Them!

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Academic Support Centers: Why You Should Use Them! blog image

Academic Support Centers: Why You Should Use Them!

This blog was written by Julianna Bilton, our Campus Ambassador from Manhattan College.

Academic Support Centers . . . every school has them and they are essential for academic success. Academic Support Centers can definitely boost your grades if you go out to seek that help.

The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. To recover from that terrible grade you have to tell yourself that you can definitely do better. The next step is heading straight to your academic support center to get assistance.

College tutoring is an important aspect of student success. For the most part, tutors are students who have taken the same class that you are struggling in. Sometimes student tutors are majors or minors in the subject that they are tutoring.

On college campuses, the thought of going to get academic help is often thought of as a sign of scholastic weakness. However, I take pride in going to seek help for subjects that I am not particularly good at. Sometimes I need help proofreading a paper or maybe I just cannot comprehend math . . . at all.

Take advantage of academic support centers . . . your grades depend on it.