Accessorizing Without Going Over the Top

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Accessorizing Without Going Over the Top

This blog was written by Elizabeth, one of the summer Intern Queen interns. Elizabeth is studying Strategic Communication and Psychology at the University of Missouri.

It’s easy to go overboard when dressing for your internship, whether you’re a guy or a girl. Fortunately, it’s also easy to avoid.

For guys:
The tie. When choosing a tie, it’s important to make sure it will look presentable in your work environment. Obviously that Scooby Doo tie you got as a joke for your birthday last year isn’t going to make the cut, but there are some other things to stay away from. For example, stay away from the color red as a main component of your tie’s design. Red brings on feelings of aggression and anger, so this can both cause your boss to be on edge with you (color psychology carries a lot of credibility) and many times it won’t match your button down anyway. Especially during the summer, stick with lighter blues, greens, and yellows as an alternative to the classic black. They pair well with most lighter-colored button downs to make getting ready in the morning easy.

The watch. A watch is something most of you own, and you probably only have one. Because of the limited choice when only owning one of something, you have to change other things according to the impression given by your watch. For example, if your watch is bigger and flashy, it might be a good idea to tone down the tie and belt so that you don’t give an overwhelming impression when you start your internship. If your watch is larger, just go with a simple belt, usually brown or black with a plain buckle. However, if your watch is plainer and you’d like to get more creative with your belt, you can, either with the buckle or with the design of the belt itself.

For girls:
The makeup. When putting on makeup in the morning, it’s easy to come out of the bathroom bearing a resemblance to a circus clown. I live by the rule of “eyes or lips, but not both”. If you use a brighter, more bold eyeshadow then leave your lips as they are, or put on a barely-there lipstick. If you use a more colorful lipstick (I swear by Clinique’s “Iced Punch”) then leave the eyeshadow out. You can switch off as often as you’d like, but keep in mind that using both can be a little much. This rule is relaxed in the fashion industry, when it’s all about going out of the box to make an impression, but still keep it in mind.

The jewelry. I don’t have pierced ears, so I go big on either a bracelet or a necklace and keep it minimal with the other. However, with earrings, it’s a little different. If you go bold with your earrings and still want to wear a necklace, keep it light, both in weight and color. Otherwise it can get overbearing for the eyes and you’ll seem weighed down.

Keep calm and accessorize on!