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Ace Your PR Internship

This is a guest blog post from Anna Hicks.

Because of intense competition, PR internships are difficult to land. There are a number of strong candidates in the job market, each one worthy of the position being offered. This is why it’s essential to bring along some original ideas, a strong work ethic, a broad knowledge of the industry and a resume that effectively showcases your expertise.

The secret to landing a marketing internship is remaining conceptual and staying on top of new trends in order to outshine your competition. Use these innovative strategies to slam dunk your interview and land your dream marketing internship.

Flaunt Your Expertise
Did you receive any accolades in college? Make sure to highlight all of these successes, because they show off your expertise. Just because you haven’t worked in the field yet, doesn’t mean you don’t have successes to show.

•Highlight class projects on which you received exceptional grades.
•Include teacher and professional references and testimonials.

Your expertise should also show your knowledge of the business. Stand out by using marketing jargon. For instance, highlight your keen interest in “attitude research” and “behavioral objectives.” Both these actions are common in PR campaigns.

According to Erin Hartwig, an intern at The Hoffman Agency, “you need to have excellent writing skills, a respect for multi-tasking, an understanding of basic business strategy, and the ability to thrive under pressure.” Highlight these skills on your resume and you’re more likely to land an interview. Make sure to vocalize these skills in your interview, to show you’re a capable, assured speaker with a broad expertise.

Be Proactive
Don’t just highlight what you’ve done and what you know. Instead, highlight the things you want and plan to do. This is going to show you’re proactive and ready to hit the ground running.

When it comes to the PR industry, you must be open to change. The world of marketing changes constantly, so marketing specialists must roll with the punches and be willing to take on new projects and learn new systems. Highlighting trending and emerging marketing strategies will set you apart from your competition.

Branding is crucial in the world of marketing, especially when it comes to online reviews. In an internship interview, express your ability to increase brand recognition and improve online reviews. Third-party sites like are typically employed to improve the overall brand and repudiate negative reviews. Express your abilities, as well as your willingness to work with other companies, to create an unrivaled faith in your ability to strategize a perfect PR campaign.

Some of the latest marketing trends include:

• Mobile marketing – including same-day shipping technology, mobile coupons, omnichannel marketing and more
• Growing social and search integration
• Simplistic site design
• Continuing content marketing with a higher focus on quality
• Branded content on social media sites

By highlighting that you’re focused on the future of marketing, you’ll stand out as a true asset to the company.

Ask Questions
In any interview, it’s important to ask questions. Questions show the interviewer that you’re interested, engaged and willing to learn new things. You want to appear an expert in your interview, but you don’t want to come across as someone unwilling to embrace new ideas. Show you’re involved by asking your interviewer thought-out questions.

Follow Up
After an internship interview, it’s essential to follow-up with your interviewer. The simple act of following up reminds the company that you’re a strong candidate and that you’re serious about working. It shows them you’re dedicated. Plus, it reminds them you exist and are waiting for an answer. To follow up, simply send a thank you letter to the person you interviewed with.