Apply For These Internships Over the Long Weekend!

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Apply For These Internships Over the Long Weekend!  blog image

Apply For These Internships Over the Long Weekend!

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all excited about the long weekend coming up! I thought it would be a good idea to share some of the newer listings on our site. Some of them are still SPRING opportunities meaning YES - employers are still looking for interns for this semester! We also have summer internships slowly starting to pop up on the website. Here are a few in different parts of the country to check out! And feel free to email me HERE if you have any questions! 

Los Angeles, California

Overbrook Entertainment (Yes, this is Will Smith's company. Yes, this is a big deal!) - They do film and television! Currently, they are hiring for SPRING interns - THIS semester! 

ATAK (Digital Marketing Company looking for students interested in graphic design, SEO, marketing, content strategy, digital, and more!) They are hiring for SPRING! 

TAP Inc. (Tommy Alastra Productions does everything entertainment/film/event/production based and interacts with the top Hollywood companies) They are hiring for Summer Interns.

Shelter PR (Do you want to work in celebrity publicity? Get your application in ASAP) Send in your applications ASAP for summer! 

New York 

Running Subway (This is a super cool live entertainment/marketing position - they put on huge exhibits all over the city!) They are hiring for SPRING interns in NYC.

Stella McCartney (Clearly, if you know fashion - you know Stella) They are looking for summer interns now. This position is highly competitive. Apply now! 

Behrman PR (This public relations firm in NYC specializes in health, beauty, accessories, and lifestyle). We've had a ton of great students intern here. Apply now for Summer! 


Florida Nurses Association Marketing Internship (If you want marketing/PR experience or experience working in nursing but not in a hospital specifically - look into this) They are hiring for summer! 

Virtual - Do these internships from your dorm room! 

Savvy Media (Want to work on marketing campaigns around the Sundance Film Festival? Check this out!) They are hiring for SPRING - ASAP! 

FreezeCrowd (This company dominates in social media and the college space - if you are into social networking platforms - check this out) They are hiring for Summer 2015! 

For even more listings visit our internships page directly HERE.