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Land an Internship Before the Holidays  blog image
The holidays are around the corner and many of you will be having some extra time off so, it’s perfect timing to apply for that last minute Spring... read more
Pros and Cons of Online School!  blog image
This is a guest blog post written by Heather Lanuale. Does the every day routine of going to class bore you? Do you excel in classes but have to... read more
10 Things to Survive Studying Abroad  blog image
This is a guest blog post written by Washington Intern Student Housing. Let’s face it, getting a plane to a place where you don’t know anyone or... read more
How to Ace a Skype Interview! blog image
Making a good impression is very important but that does not have to be only in person. Remote interviews for internships and jobs are becoming more... read more
5 Tips for Thank You Notes After the Internship blog image
I was recently featured in a FORBES article that got a lot of great feedback from students. One student was reading it as she was finishing up her... read more
My Favorite Healthy Snacks for Work! blog image
Snack attack for a busy life style!! It’s hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle and well we don’t always have time to meal prep and make breakfast... read more
More Spring Internships!!! blog image
Yesterday, I had an amazing opportunity to come speak at Penn State University! I partnered with Target, to talk about internships and careers. Many... read more
How to Land an Internship in Hollywood!  blog image
A lot of the internships that I did were Hollywood internships at companies like Fox, MTV and NBC. I definitely had my share of entertainment based... read more
Take My Job Search and Job Interview Classes!  blog image
I wanted to let all of my readers know that I did something NEW this week. I released my first ever CLASS on HOW TO MASTER THE JOB SEARCH ... read more
13 Reasons Why I Don’t Like Your Resume blog image
At Intern Queen, we are constantly swimming in a pool of resumes. We get in hundreds of resumes every day and many of our clients rely on us to give... read more