Are You A Sluggish Intern? Take The Test!

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Are You A Sluggish Intern? Take The Test!  blog image

Are You A Sluggish Intern? Take The Test!

We all know someone from our internships who has earned the title of "The Sluggish Intern". I put together a few points so that you can make sure you are NOT earning this title for yourself at the internship. Here you go:

1. The Sluggish Intern wears flip-flops to the internship.

2. The Sluggish Intern shows up wearing jeans with holes (even if they are designer).

3. The Sluggish Intern hasn't showered in a good 36 hours.

4. The Sluggish Intern hasn't combed his/her hair in a few days. They hope people don't notice.

5. The Sluggish Intern has shown up for the internship hungover at least a few times.

6. The Sluggish Intern hasn't cleaned the crap off their shoes in weeks.

7. The Sluggish Intern wears absolutely no make-up and puts in no effort to looking put together.

8. The Sluggish Intern has a messy purse and isn't organized.

9. The Sluggish Intern doesn't carry a notebook with them at all times.

10. The Sluggish Intern mumbles and forgets to speak clearly.

11. The Sluggish Interns wears "risky" clothing and could wear the same clothes out to a club.

12. The Sluggish Intern moves at the pace of a snail and can't seem to get things done efficiently.

13. The Sluggish Intern doesn't care about networking and doesn't go out of his/her way to introduce themselves to others at the internship.

14. The Sluggish Intern doesn't pay attention to deadlines and lets things fall through the cracks.

15. The Sluggish Intern never volunteers and would rather spend time on Facebook.

16. The Sluggish Intern has his/her cellphone glued to their palm all day.