Are You Stressed Out?

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Are You Stressed Out?

This blog is written by Sandhya, our campus ambassador from Ohio University!

It’s around that time where you’re either studying away in the library or study room for your midterms or getting ready for your last few projects before you end the quarter or go on break for a semester. You count down the days until the weekend, so you can finally sleep and catch up on that sleep you missed. Here’s a few things that help me & might help you combat your stress!

  • Tip #1: Have a big exam coming up? Don’t cram the night before. I know it’s been said a lot, but honestly, the best thing you can do is sleep. Wake up a little early on the day of your exam and read over your notes. If you don’t know them by the morning, you’re not going to magically memorize them by your class. Get a planner & make a calendar! I know it’s already two months into school, but print out a calendar and put in all the dates of your upcoming exams, so you’re not stuck in this spot!
  • Tip #2: Feeling overwhelmed with a class? Study for an hour and then browse some internships & bookmark the ones you’re going to apply to! It’ll motivate you to want to better on the exam & study hard so that you can start on your internship application & really focus on your future!
  • Tip#3: Lost your motivation to work? Find some blogs that have interesting posts or follow someone on Twitter that you really are inspired by. Think about the idea that you could someday be in their position! Tweet at them during your breaks or comment on their blogs. Who knows, maybe you’ll hear back from them!
  • Tip#4: Listen to catchy music that gets you pumped up! Find a new artist on Pandora or Grooveshark.
  • Tip #5: Find something that’ll make you laugh. Look at old pictures or a funny video of your friends. Laughing is one of the best things that you can do for yourself! Talk about why you’re stressed & later on, you’ll probably laugh at yourself for being so stressed. You can do it! Just believe in yourself!
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