Are You Thinking About Interning Abroad?

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Are You Thinking About Interning Abroad?

If you’ve caught the news or even read your Twitter feed recently, you know that our world is becoming increasingly global. As a result, international internships are becoming an important new experience to add to your arsenal – just ask TIME Magazine! In a recent article they interviewed the CEO of The Intern Group, David Lloyd -- and his company's intern abroad programs in London, Hong Kong, Australia, Madrid and Latin America piqued my interest. Naturally, I touched base with David myself to get the inside scoop for my lovely interns. :)

The Intern Group’s programs last a minimum of six weeks, up to a maximum of six months. According to David, “there are two pillars to our programs: cultural immersion and professional development. For us, living abroad is vital on a personal level as it shows adventure, curiosity and develops independence. In a globalized world it is vital to get outside of your comfort zone and develop an international mindset.”

The Intern Group program offers an environment for students from all around the world – 30% are from North America with large numbers from Europe, Australia and Asia as well. Housing, cultural activities, social events, 24/7 local staff support and professional workshops are included in the program.

And what about the internships themselves?

David filled me in: “We offer first-class internships across all industry sectors. We are partners with some of the most prestigious companies in the world, as well as small and medium-sized businesses and exciting entrepreneurial startups.”

The Intern Group has placed US interns in businesses ranging from the largest PR company in London, Bell Pottinger, to the largest investment bank in Latin America, BTG Pactual, and even in the Government of Colombia. Across all sectors they have an extensive network of hundreds of partner companies.

Sounds pretty fantastic to me – cultural immersion and a great internship, all in one.

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