The Art of Branding

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The Art of Branding

This blog post was written by Darion Jordan, our Campus Ambassador from University of Missouri.

Branding is literally the new #itfactor and the reason for so many successes by
both companies and individuals. From social media platforms such as Facebook,
Twitter to establishing your on logo, brand, or own .COM, aka “domain”, branding can truly help showcase how an individual can build an empire.

Social Media...obviously has been one of the top branding sources for so many
companies. I think the question we need to ask ourselves is how to maintain our
brand, stay relevant, and appeal to our target market! #ThisIsKey.

Know Your Target Market and How to Appeal:

So you got a little info on branding! *two snaps! But now you need those next steps….Target Marketing and How to Appeal! It’s so important to know not only know your product, but who you’re targeting, as well. When you’re branding yourself you have to think of yourself as an advertisement. Making yourself visually appealing and applicable can help build a fan base, personal connections, and brand loyalty. Think about all the different outlets that can be used when you’re branding. Let’s say that you have always dreamt of being a make-up artist for NY Fashion Week and Vogue Magazine. Branding Yourself? How? Showcasing YouTube tutorials on Hollywood Looks through YouTube-social media, creating logos, or even DIY-simple pinterest boards are all outlets to showcase your work #buildingaFANbase. Whether you are an Accountant in the industry or news anchor, always think about ways that you can showcase your work and competencies to your market and how can you appeal. You literally can become the #it factor overnight…I mean look @MichelleFawn and @Karmin.

Consistency: #MakesaBigDifference:

You’ve got a plan, figured out whom you’re targeting, and how to appeal! Now making everything MATCH AND UNIFORM: Consistency! When you’re branding yourself, it can be difficult to stay uniform throughout the entire process. The key in branding is maintaining consistency! When you’re printing off those business cards, adjusting your social media information on twitter, LinkedIn, or even your website, making sure that all your information is uniform can #MakeaBigDifference. Even when you’re selling yourself to a company, making sure all your information matches makes the visual that much more appealing.

Stay Interesting and Stay Fresh:

You have built an empire, figured out hot to appeal through target marketing, and consistency… now to keep it FRESH! You have all of these ideas on what to construct and how to do it! Having that idea, making it happen, and then keeping it interesting and fresh! Let’s think about companies for a second. Let’s take a look at Starbucks! Whether you are a non-or active Starbucks customer, there is no doubt that their branding efforts have been major for the year 2012. They have established their target market and kept consistency for their brand, in general. In efforts to stay fresh and interesting, Starbucks is always sure to adjust their products to seasons, appealing to the trendsetters by establishing commercials in trendy environments (NYC, Chicago, #itfactor), while maintaining their brand, and keeping it consistent. Now how to relate this to your own personal branding…
It’s always important to keep re-defining yourself, as you will continue to as you venture off into your career. Whether you are a designer trying to stay up-to-date with the latest trends or a marketing strategist for a company looking to keep customers’ attention, be sure to stay up to date with the current. It’s literally like wearing a red lip, red pumps, or your favorite red shoes! Stay Interesting and Stay Fresh!

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