The Art of Networking

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The Art of Networking

Though landing your dream internship is amazing, it is even more amazing to make the most of it. So many interns take on internships expecting it to lead to a full-time position, but quite frankly this is very unlikely unless you really network while you’re there. If nobody in your department knows you, then why would they want to hire you? Here are some tips that I’ve learned along the way for networking while at an internship.

1. If all of the interns are asked to do something that involves working with another person in the company, always volunteer! You never know who you will meet and what you will talk about, and you wouldn’t want to miss out on an amazing opportunity!
2. Reach out to your supervisor and ask for them to connect you to someone who has the type of job you are interested in. Email them and ask to set up a time to chat and pick their brain a little! They will admire your tenacity and will likely remember you if you apply for future internships or jobs.
3. Become friends with the other interns. Interns tend to be students who care a lot about their future career. Many of interns you meet along the way may end up interning or working at some amazing places! They could be an amazing connection to have down the road.
4. If you see someone in the office is overwhelmed, always offer to help him or her out – even if they aren’t your boss. It is a great way to get a look into what goes on in other parts of the company and to meet even more people.

Those are my general tips on how I have networked within my internship. Always remember that the more people you know (and make a good impression on), the more opportunities you will have to find your dream job. It’s all about NETWORKING!

This blog post was written by Alexa Stone, our Campus Ambassador from the University of Central Florida.