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Ask The Intern Queen

The new site has received a ton of questions so I thought I wanted to round them up and get 'em answered :) Have a question for your Intern Queen ? Email me directly at

Q: Hey Lauren,

My name is Alexandra and I am a senior at Michigan State University. I read your 15 tips at and thought they were very helpful. Where were some of the places you interned?


A: Hi Alexandra,

In college I interned for a variety of companies including FOX, MTV, NBC, Warren Cowan and Associates, BWR, etc.

Hope you are interning as well ! Good luck!



Will there be any fashion internships for Spring 2010? I will not be in New York until January, wanted to get something squared away. I am a senior fashion journalist major.


A: Hey Ashley ! There will be tons of Fashion internships for Spring and Summer 2010. Most of the listings will change from Fall to Spring over the next few weeks. Check back end of next week !


Q: Hello
My name Is Patty and I was wondering if it was possible for me to get some information about a Summer Internship with Seventeen Magazine. I know it may be too early to apply but the more information the better.

Thank you for your time,

A: Patty,
Thanks for your email. Check out the Seventeen Magazine Fall listing that is currently posted on the site. This listing will change over in about one week to Spring and Summer 2010. Seventeen is one of the most popular magazine internships around - if you are applying for Seventeen I would suggest applying for other magazines as well - always have a back-up plan !

Good luck !


Q: Hi Lauren,

I really want to intern for Summer 2010 but I'll be abroad for all of Spring semester. What can I do to make sure I don't miss out on a great opportunity ?

Best, Sara N.

A: Hi Sara,

I'm so glad you are thinking ahead about internships ! I would start early (ASAP) and apply for internships for Summer 2010. My summer listings will be ready in about one week. Make a note on your initial email about your situation and request an early phone interview or in-person interview. If this isn't possible make yourself available to speak while abroad. I know this can be difficult but do whatever you can to make it happen. Email will be your best form of communication while overseas - so use it well! Follow up is key !

Can't wait to hear how things go :)

Lauren Berger, The Intern Queen