Ask The Intern Queen: Can Recent Grads Get Internships?

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Ask The Intern Queen: Can Recent Grads Get Internships?

Q: Hello Intern Queen,

We met at the Cal Poly Pomona Com Day a few weeks ago. I asked you a lot of questions but I have one big one right now. When are you not applicable for an internship? Internships I assume are more for college or recent grads. But a year after graduating college, can you still get an internship if that&s what you want?

A: Hi! Cal Poly was so much fun.

It is very popular for recent grads to get internships - however, you are no longer eligible for college credit. There are companies that do not require college credit but those are usually small or boutique-sized companies that don&t have formal HR departments. When going into an internship like this, make sure you ask the employer to describe a day as an intern. You want to make sure they have clear  initiatives for their internship program.

Good luck! Let us know how it goes.

xx Lauren Berger

"The Intern Queen"