Ask the Intern Queen: Finding That Last Minute Internship!

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Ask the Intern Queen: Finding That Last Minute Internship!

Every day, I receive tons of amazing questions via email and my social media networks asking for advice on all things internship-related. Here is my response to a discouraged rising senior who is still looking for an internship for Fall 2015. Good news: companies are still looking!

Question: Hi Lauren, I am needing some advice! I have literally applied for more than 15 internships this summer and I did not get an offer from any of them. I have a lot of experience due to my four internships. I know that the market for jobs is very competitive, but I thought that I had a chance in getting an internship. I'm not sure if it is my resume or what but I'm so confused as to why I did not get an offer! Since you have so much experience in the intern/professional world, do you have any advice? Sincerely, A discouraged rising senior.

Answer: I’m so sorry to hear about the 15 internships -- that is very frustrating. Here are a few tips that can help if you still haven’t landed an internship for the Fall:

1. Still Opportunities Left! I know it sounds crazy, but I deal with employers every day who still haven’t recruited their Fall interns. Check out my site ( for more internship opportunities for Fall 2015.

2. Think About Going Virtual. Don’t limit yourself to in-person opportunities. Many companies (including Intern Queen!) offer virtual opportunities that still provide valuable experience and a huge resume boost!

3. Makeover Your Resume. In my book, ALL WORK, NO PAY, I talk about the perfect resume and cover letter. Make sure that everything on your resume is on there for a reason. Each resume you send should be tailored for the position to which you are applying. Go through each item and think, “What does this tell the employer?” “Why is this on here?”

4. Print out the Internship Posting. Print out the posting and go through it with a highlighter. Highlight any buzz words they use to describe what they are looking for. Go back to your resume and try to incorporate some of the buzz words from the job posting.

5. Follow Up. At this point in the game, follow-up is going to be key. One week after sending your materials to the company, follow up via email. Ask the employer if they received your materials and see if they require any additional information. You can follow up twice with an employer before calling it “quits.”

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