Ask These Questions Before Your Internship Starts!

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Ask These Questions Before Your Internship Starts!

I’m so proud of all of the students who landed amazing spring internships. It’s not easy to juggle an internship, school, a part-time job, and your extra-curriculars – nice work. Most of you are going to be starting those spring internships in the next few weeks and I know you have questions. My advice is to think about all of your questions at once and send your internship coordinator an email with all of the questions in one email to avoid a ton of back and forth.

Here are some questions to ask your internship coordinator before the internship begins:

Note: You should already know if the internship is paid or unpaid by this point so asking about internship pay is not a question listed below. 

1. What location/office should I report to on my first day?

2. What will my internship hours/weekly schedule be?

3. Should I plan to bring my own lunch?

4. Is transportation normally compensated?

5. Where should I plan to park (if the internship requires a car and parking)?

6. Are there any materials I should plan on reviewing prior to my first day?

7. Besides a notebook and my ID, is there anything else I should plan to bring for my first day?

8. If you are getting college credit you might want to say, “Since I’m getting credit for this internship, where can I have my career center send all of the paper work?”

And just a reminder to always make sure to communicate how excited you are to start the position. Make sure all communication is professional and polite. Please comment below and let me know where you are interning this spring! Good luck!