Attending Industry-Related Conferences

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Attending Industry-Related Conferences

This post is written by Alicia, our Campus Ambassador from Towson University. Alicia is a Mass Communication major (with tracks in Public Relations and Advertising) and an Italian minor.

This past week, I attended Advertising Week in New York City. Although I was only able to go for Thursday’s events, I had the amazing opportunity to learn more about special topics in the advertising industry – topics that I am very interested in but feel are not generally covered in school.

I was inspired by the content in the sessions I attended and I felt that I was actually learning something new about the advertising industry. I attended the following events:

  • The State of Digital Brand Strategy
  • Supersharing and Social Advertising
  • Using Social Innovation to Create Social Change
  • Reinventing Cross-Media Marketing
  • Crispin Porter + Bogusky’s Sis for Six: What CP+B is Thinking About in Six Minute Bites

Attending a professional conference is a great way to learn new things about your future profession, hear from industry experts, and network. The content in the various sessions of a professional conference is fresh and innovative, something you won’t find in most textbooks. One of the biggest perks of attending a conference is that you will have a broader perspective of the industry and will be able to speak articulately about your experience and knowledge when interviewing for internships or jobs in the future.

My Advertising Week experience definitely complemented the education I am receiving at Towson and I think that students should be encouraged to attend industry-related conferences before they graduate.