ATTN HS SENIORS: Deadlines are Looming

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ATTN HS SENIORS: Deadlines are Looming

This blog was written by Angela, our high school ambassador from St. Pete. If you attend St. Pete High School and would like to blog for us, comment below.

Attention seniors; time to wake up and smell the coffee. The college application process is among us. Don’t let yourself think you have plenty of time because, before you know it, college application deadlines will be next weekend. Start looking around now. Different schools offer different options for admission deadlines.

Your first choice school might have an Early Acceptance or Early Decision option which shows the school that they are your first choice. These deadlines are often before the regular application is due. Get familiar with these deadlines so you don’t have to stay up all night writing your essay just to make sure your application is on time.

Take your ACTs and SATs! These tests are vital and should be taken BEFORE your application deadline. Talk to your counselors at school to get score reports from any tests and get them to send your transcripts and teacher recommendations to your colleges of choice. It’s okay to bug them about this stuff, after all it’s your future.

When it comes to these applications, no one is going to be hounding you to let you know you forgot to fill out section 3A on page 22. It’s up to you to get everything complete to turn in. These admissions officers have thousands of applicants to look through! So, save yourself, and their time by being on top of your game and getting everything in on time!