Back to School

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Back to School

This blog is written by Caitlyn our Campus Ambassador from the University of Louisville. Read on about what it takes to be a junior in college!

As a Junior, going back for fall classes is not quite as exciting as it was when you were a Freshman. As I have been walking around campus this past week I noticed that all of these kiddies are running around my campus, then I realize WOAH they’re freshman! How did it go by so fast? How on earth am I already a junior in college?
Although this realization came with the idea that my college life was halfway through it also got me thinking that it was time I made some changes! If you are anything like me you need some change in your daily routine to keep things interesting. So change we will indeed and I have brainstormed some ideas to switch things up!

  1. Join a new student organization. It is a great way to meet new people and you never know you could end up loving it and getting a position one day!
  2. Sit by people in class you normally wouldn’t. We all try to sit with our friends and if you don’t have friends in a certain class you sit by someone you could see yourself being friends with! If you switch it up you could make a new friend that you would never have met elsewhere, new friends from different groups of people are fun and definitely a change!
  3. Intramurals or workshops. This is a great way to get back into an activity that you used to do all the time, but on a less competitive level. I love playing volleyball intramurals because it is the only time I get to play and I used to play all the time. This is also a little way to sneak in a workout…the fun way!
  4. Get an internship!!! It is a great way to weed out what you love to do and what isn’t really your thing. Plus it is great for a resume and I made some of my closest friends through my internship! It is always a nice switch after being in a classroom all day to do some hands on work.

Honestly, this list could go on forever but since I got you started you can go on and finish it yourself! Just remember getting involved is a great way to change the norm! Plus, it is always a good thing to keep yourself busy, just don’t overload!