Be your best advocate!

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Be your best advocate!

This is a guest post by our Intern Queen campus ambassador Katie Woloshin from James Madison University.

Be Positive!

o   Whether you are writing a cover letter or in an interview, potential employers want to see a certain and assured person.   They want to find out that you are sure you can do the job, and do it well.  Always refer to yourself in a positive way by highlighting some of your best attributes.

  • Dress For success

o   A key rule to follow is the Grandma Rule. Anything you would not want your grandmother to see you dressed in, is probably inappropriate for an interview or the work place.  Keep your heels at a reasonable height, tasteful cleavage, the ‘bling’ to a minimum, and your make-up fresh and light.

  • Censor Your Facebook and Twitter

o   Depending on your privacy settings, just about anyone can see what you post to the web.  Keep your pictures G-rated, limit the amount of partying activity on your page, and absolutely no cursing. Using foul language in your free space can turn people off to you very quickly.

  • Follow Up

o   Finishing an interview, leaving an event, or having your own party it is always a great idea to follow up.  After an interview, send an email or a note thanking the employer for their time. It will help you stick in their minds and could reciprocate a job offer! If someone gives you a gift, a thank you note is a perfect way to express your appreciation and keep a good relationship.  Make sure your follow up is well thought out, concise, and sincere.  Good manners are never out of style.