From the Beach to the Big City

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From the Beach to the Big City

Once you are born and raised in Southern California, you really can’t go back. People always complain about how California doesn’t have “seasons;” however, I believe that I can drive to the mountains to see snow and then go to the beach to enjoy summer in the same day. So when I went to New York this past summer, I never thought I would survive in the fast-paced, humid world surrounding the Big Apple. Successfully, I did survive, and now New York is my favorite city in the whole world. Let me tell you why.

1. Be prepared. I know this may sound like the most vague advice you have ever heard, but it’s the truth. The east coast has some of the most hectic weather patterns I have ever experienced. Flash rain storms are the best surprises I have ever experienced, especially when you are dressed nice for a meeting that day.
2. The Subway can make you or break you. Unlike Los Angeles, New York City runs on the subway and walking. Unless you want to walk your feet off from 5th-55th Avenue, make sure you understand the subways. I spent the day before my job learning the route and did a practice run as well.
3. Most importantly, you have to understand the people of New York. They are fast-paced, opinionated, and don’t really understand the laid-back people of the west coast. Hence, “The Californians” sketch on Saturday Night Live.

What I took back from my experience in New York is that that city is full of life. I learned to be efficient, to read maps, be prepared for any weather but, most of all, have fun.

This blog post was written by Sarah Pontius, our Campus Ambassador from UCLA.