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Become A User, Make Money With

This is a guest blog post written by Anna Whitlow founder of a buy/sell website created by the generation it serves.

Let people know what you want to do.  It’s a simple sentence that seems pretty elementary when you think about it, but so many people actually fail to practice this.  I started a business straight out of college because I wanted to help those who were just like me and every other college student getting ready to enter into “the real world.”  I had few resources as far as getting a business started was concerned, so how did I turn a simple idea into action?  I told people about it.  I told everyone that I knew.  I had the idea, but I needed a team to help me build it.

That’s where Lynsey Jones comes in.  She had experience attempting to start her own business in her early twenties.  Although the business wasn’t as successful as she had hoped, that didn’t mean she was never going to make it.  Now at age 28, Lynsey works for a very successful company, helping other people run their businesses.

Together, Lynsey and I make up the team behind  We created in July of 2014.  After I moved out of college, I realized the second-hand resale websites at the time were not always reliable or trustworthy.  Lynsey and I wanted something that allowed college students to connect with one another directly to buy and sell the items they were getting rid of throughout the year.  With that in mind, we founded is a buy and sell website for only those with a .edu email address and sorted by the student’s university he/she attends.  We are different from other buy/sell sites because we pride ourselves on safety and making sure you, our users, have a user-friendly experience. has features like social profiles, so you can actually see who you are communicating with, location fuzzing for when a product is posted, and an upcoming texting feature so that you don’t have to use archaic email to communicate with one another.  (Don’t worry your number is blocked).

Meeting and supporting our users is very important to us. We have established an internship program at one university so far, and we are looking to get involved with assisting students in reaching their goals, whether they be for charity, clubs, or their next date party.  We also host events near campuses, such as the Beer Pong Tournament we threw at Lexington’s Tin Roof that gave away a year’s worth of tacos and $500 cash.

I was 23 when that all this got started.  I’m 25 now and I’m still telling people what I want to do.  But, here is the secret in this: In order for this to work, you also have to put in the effort to back-up your request.  Don’t expect to not work, then ask someone for help, and boom, you’ve made it.  If that does happen, the feeling of “making it” will only last a short while.  Work hard and make sure people know what you’re hoping to achieve because nobody has gotten anywhere without the help of someone else.

This is where you come in.  With the participation of students around the nation, will reach its fullest potential.  We are asking you to help us help you.  We are coming to your campus, and giving you access to students near you.  Books will now actually be affordable. You can buy a couch from a senior moving out so cheap that  you can eat something other than Ramen noodles next week. You’re getting the security of knowing you are communicating with people that are your age and most likely you’ve seen at a party or in class.  We need your help to get to where we are going because we are people just like you, who’ve created a buy and sell site for users just like you.

Check us out while studying for your next test or procrastinating doing your homework at, and sign up today to start checking out curbbs near you!


Anna Whitlow