A Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Timeline

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A Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Timeline

This blog is written by Chandra, our campus ambassador from Florida State University.

Last Thursday, Mark Zuckerburg announced the introduction of the Facebook timeline. Because I am a social media nut & could not wait to try timeline out firsthand, I found an article on Techcrunch that allows you to activate timeline in a matter of minutes.

By Thursday night, I was addicted. By the end of Friday, I had converted at least 10 friends into using timeline – all of which are now obsessed with it.

Before I go into the in’s and out’s of the new Facebook “profile,” I will warn you that upon activating it, you will probably spend hours stalking yourself. Yes, not your ex-boyfriend, not your long lost best friend, not your crush, YOURSELF. So if you have something important like a test the next day, do NOT activate it.

  1. 1. The Cover Photo. In addition to your profile picture, you have a whole new way to express yourself called your cover photo. This photo is displayed at the top of your profile.
  2. 2. The Past. Creepy or awesome – the past is now just a click or scroll away. To the right of your cover photo, you will find dates that you can click on. When you do, timeline will scroll through to all of the activity from that month or year. You can hide items that you don’t want shown, feature items that you do or even add in new items such as photos or milestones. Essentially, timeline turns your profile into a virtual scrapbook. Pretty cool. Your old posts can also be accessed by simply scrolling down on the page.
  3. 3. Facebook Music. The one thing I missed most about MySpace was the music. Now, you can use a program like Spotify to listen to music & have the songs displayed at the top of your profile. You can also listen to the music that your friends are listening to. It’s weird to get used to at first but definitely a great way to find new artists. Plus, you get to know your friends (or boss) on a whole new level. The same concept will soon be added to movies as well.
  4. 4. Ticker. SO many people complained about the ticker when it was first released but after tuning into f8, it’s actually nice. The idea behind ticker is that it will handle all of the lightweight activity that used to clog your newsfeed. Plus if you use the additional trick (see below) so that the ticker & chat are on the right side of your screen, I find it extremely useful.

Additional trick: Zoom out one on a Mac (not positive it will have the same effect on a PC), you will have the ticker on the top right of your screen & your chat list on the bottom left of your screen. Love this view!

Want a more detailed overview of timeline? Check out the f8 conference to learn how to fully utilize it.

So far I have only heard positives from the people who have activated timeline, including those who were skeptical of it, so I want to hear from YOU. What do you think?