Being in the "Know"

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Being in the "Know"

This guest post is by our own Intern Queen Campus Ambassador Cari Buchwald from University of Georgia. Cari is majoring in Public Relations and Sociology.

I have always loved being in the “know”, in that I constantly seek to learn about what is happening throughout the world as well as within my community.  An avid newsreader, I have always known what was going on in all parts of the world, and I have always believed that it was my duty to relay this information to my family and friends.

Beginning college meant that I had to give up many of my daily habits because my schedule suddenly became so busy; reading the news happened to be put on the backburner.  I am sure many of you feel that classes, homework, and campus involvement appear to take over your life and make it seem as though school is isolated from the rest of the world.  When I came home for the first time, it was apparent that I had missed out on so many events, both locally and nationally, that were once a necessity for me to know; I decided then that the news simply had to be incorporated into my life.  I think that it is essential that all college students be in the “know” because we are the future, and if we do not know what is happening, how will we able to improve and contribute to the world?  Here are five ways for students to incorporate the news in their lives while still maintaining a busy schedule:

1)   Get a Twitter: Twitter has become an amazing news source in the form of social media.  This is a way for you to choose what kind of information you receive because you get to decide which sources are presented; these include sports, fashion, magazines, and national news.

2)   Read Your School’s Newspaper: Almost all universities have their own newspaper produced by college students featuring campus and local happenings.  This is a great way to know what is happening in your specific community that appeals to your interests.

3)   Get Ready With the News: Most of us do not have time to sit down and watch the news on a daily basis, so why not turn your TV on to a news station while you get ready for classes and social events? Hearing the news in the background will allow you to maintain your busy schedule while still being informed of current events.

4)   Change Your Homepage: When I open the Internet on my computer, the first thing that I see is Yahoo News”, which presents the most popular headlines of the week.  Setting your Internet homepage to a news website, such as CNN or Time Magazine, will make you more likely to read news articles because eye-catching headlines will be right in front of you.

5)   Talk to Your Friends: Conversations with my friends usually consist of gossip and funny stories about our days.  Recently, however, we have begun to talk about what is happening around us locally and nationally.  Try talking more with your friends about the news that you hear so you can inform one another about different happenings in the world.  In addition, being more aware of the news can be helpful in contributing to your class, or even during job interviews, which will make you stand out.

I hope you all try to incorporate at least a few of these tips into your daily routine because it is so important to be informed of current events, especially in college.  They certainly helped me, and I am hoping that more college students will soon be in the “know”.