The Benefits of Going Greek

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The Benefits of Going Greek

This blog was written by Intern Queen Campus Ambassador, Maggie, who attends the University of Illinois!

Little did I know that when I was going through rush two years ago that there was so much more to joining a sorority than the awesome social events and new friendships. Many people do not realize that joining a sorority or fraternity on campus has a lot of benefits. Only a fraternity or sorority can provide you with all of these opportunities, and many others, in a single organization.

1. Friendships - Not only will you be making new friends but you will also be making a support system of people who support you and cheer you up during bad times. This support system can easily branch off into other areas of your life such as your business career.

2. Academics - A sorority or fraternity many times contributes to an academic atmosphere such as peer tutoring, counseling, and chapter study hours. My sorority also has a minimum GPA and if you do not reach it then you must attend study hours until you improve your grades. This pushes a person to make & maintain a competitively high GPA You can also seek help from others in your sorority or fraternity who have taken the same classes as you and can inform you about which classes and instructors they would recommend.

3. Leadership Opportunities - Every person in a Greek house is a leader whether you are an officer, on a committee or just a member. A person can learn how to manage a budget, run effective meetings, speak in public, or even motivate others. All of these skills can help throughout your entire life and especially in your future career.

4. Community Service - A great advantage of the Greek community is that it allows its members to spend some of their time helping others in need. The commitment found in Greek members can be seen in the enthusiasm they have in giving back to their community through philanthropies. My sorority’s philanthropy raises money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Our philanthropy raised over $39,000.00 last year alone through our on campus Greeks at Bat philanthropy event and by asking for donations from friends and family.

5. Networking - In today’s economy and job market it is tough to get a job and it goes past the job postings and want-ads which many people used in the past. Networking is becoming major and it is important to know people in the business world right now. By using the resources of the Greek system you can create relationships with alums or family members and friends of your “brothers” or “sisters” and this can potentially find the job you are looking for.

There are many stereotypes regarding the Greek system but it is evident that the positives outweigh the negatives and provide a person with experience and information that will help them to be the most successful person they can be.