The Benefits of Virtual Internships

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The Benefits of Virtual Internships

This Blog was written by our Donald A. Wilson High School Ambassador Ramisha! If you attend Donald A. Wilson HS and would like to Blog for us, Comment Here!

I recently got a virtual internship through the InternQueen and I found that there are so many benefits that come with it. When people think of a Virtual Internship, they usually think it may not be as much work, it&s easier, you don&t get hands-on experience, etc. However, these are all just rumours. So, let me break down the truth for you guys!

First, there is a lot of work that comes with virtual internships. You can&t slack off just because all of the work is done online. You never know who the people you work with know. You always have to make sure you stay on top of checking your emails to know what is going on. Emailing, skyping, and calling are the majority forms of communication that are used, so you must make sure you are available!

What I like the most is that although there are many assignments and deadlines to meet, you can do the work on your own time. It isn&t like a regular internship where you have to work constantly during specific hours. You need to hand in assignments when due, however you can work on them during a time that is convenient for you!

Another is myth is that you can’t network and meet new people during Virtual Internships. This isn’t the case at all. For my internship, there was a private Facebook group created to communicate with the other interns and to allow us to work together, even though we may be in different countries. It&s a great way to network and stay connected!

Another thing you should know, is that you need to be aware of time zones. For example, I live in Canada, however the place I am interning at is located in California! So, because of the distance, I always have to be aware of different time zones. I have to be prepared for when it is time for them to call.

As you can see Virtual Internships can be a great opportunity for anyone!