The Best Apps for Interns

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The Best Apps for Interns

This post was written by our Campus Ambassador Brooke Wodnicki.

Smartphones have evolved into something much greater than their initial purpose. The Blackberry or even Palm Pilot were handy phones for the tech savvy businessman or the mega-mom to stay organized with daily tasks longer than our Twitter timelines. Today, Smartphones are available in a number of colors, styles, and sizes through nearly every wireless carrier. And the amount of apps now obtainable goes beyond not only an impressive number, but the kinds of apps you’ll find!

Of course, installing apps such as Pinterest or Sephora to Go are convenient, fun, and great time-wasters, but those more practical apps your teacher would be glad to see you using can actually be super helpful and just as enjoyable. So, grab your Smartphone and start using it for exactly what it was intended to do – organize your life!

Here is a list of my favorite apps I use to keep my life organized and to help me (I’m sure we all love it) study!

1. Evernote – Free: Evernote is a great way to stay organized and remember those ideas you swore you wouldn’t forget. This app allows you to take notes, capture photos, create to-do lists, and even record voice reminders!

2. Any.DO – Free: Any.DO is the perfect app to help you remember all you have to do and to make sure to get it done. Create tasks under “Today”, “Tomorrow”, “Upcoming”, and “Someday” categories and set a priority for each individual task. This app is definitely my favorite! And I don’t waste sheets of paper full of scribbled to-dos that I sometimes can’t even read.

3. myHomework – Free: myHomework is the ultimate app to keep your classes, assignments, tests, and projects all perfectly organized. Set reminders for upcoming due dates or exam dates. Organize assignments by class, by priority, or both! If your teacher knew you had this app, they wouldn’t accept any excuse for a late assignment – this app lays it all out for you!

4. Khan Academy – Free: With the Khan Academy app, you get full access to all the math tutorial videos and practice problem sets at the palm of your hand! What I love about the tutorials is that the problem is written out as well as explained for each step. I have found no other app to be as helpful or convenient when reviewing or touching up on my math skills.

5. Chegg – Free: Chegg, the #1 textbook rental company, offers millions of textbooks and now eTextbooks with Chegg’s new mobile eTextbook reader. This app allows you to search for a textbook by title, author, ISBN, or by scanning the book’s barcode with your Smartphone. Choose your textbook, how long you want to rent the book for, and pay for it all right there to gain immediate on-the-go and full access from your phone!