Best Off-Campus Jobs for Students!

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Best Off-Campus Jobs for Students!

This is a guest blog written by Washington Intern Student Housing.

It’s no secret that while you’re a student, money is tight—so for many students it’s important to find a good job. Sometimes on-campus, retail or food service jobs have difficult hours and don’t pay well. Plus, the schedules are too rigid. Here are some surprising yet brilliant off-campus jobs to look into in between hitting the books that are fun, have flexible hours and pay pretty well.

1. Dog Walker. Need a break from studying? This healthy and fun way to make money goes farther than just making cash. You get to be outside, get quality exercise and get to spend time with cute animals. What could be better than that?

2. Tutoring. You can earn $20-40 an hour just for sharing your skills. You can choose to help fellow students, or you can extend your reach to elementary and high school students around the area. All it requires is a little bit of patience.

3. Nanny/babysitter. Babysitters these days make pretty decent dough. What’s best: you can usually work it around your class schedule. If you dedicate a few nights or weekends to watching out for little ones, you could make some money while also having time to study when they go to bed.

4. Non-profit charity fundraiser. If you’ve got great people skills and a little bit of experiencing working with the public, working as a charity fundraiser can be a very lucrative job. Making up to $30 an hour, this is the perfect position for someone who likes to dress the part, be friendly and help a great cause.

5. Night Auditor. If you can swing it, this overnight job pays very well. Working at hotels during overnight shifts to do paperwork, assist with guest relations, and support bookkeeping operations are the tasks you can expect. Some basic accounting knowledge is required and would be a great fit for someone wanting to work in business and accounting in the future.

6. Circulation clerk. Are you one of those people who could live in a bookstore or library? Then this job may be for you. A circulation clerk helps library-goers find books and helps create a positive experience for customers, paying up to $19 an hour.

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Photo by Anna McNaught.