The Best Outdoor Workouts

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The Best Outdoor Workouts

This blog post is from Caitlyn Beck, our Campus Ambassador from Fordham University.
Finally some nice weather! It is time to get out of the gym and to get some fresh air... while working out of course! The winter seems to be over (knock on wood) and spring is in the air. Now that the weather is warm, many outdoor sports and activities will begin. Here is a breakdown of their benefits, the muscles that they are working, and how many calories you are burning while participating.

Some of the most popular outdoor activities in the spring and summer are volleyball and badminton. For a semi-competitive 30 minute-game, you are burning around 140 calories by playing Volleyball and 170 for Badminton. Both of these sports involve running so you are using most of your muscles, but there is a main focus on your arms. If you are playing on the beach make sure to add roughly an extra 100 calories since it is a lot more challenging to run in sand.

Water sports also burn more calories than expected. Just leisurely swimming around for 30 minutes will burn about 250 calories and be a great workout for your arms and legs. Different strokes in swimming will also increase the calories that are being burned. Doing the butterfly for 30 minutes will burn about 420 calories.

Other daily outdoor activities such as gardening and mowing the lawn also will help you burn calories. Mowing the lawn with a push mower for 30 minutes will burn 210 calories and gardening for the same amount of time will burn 160.

My advice is to enjoy the nice weather and be as active as you can!