The BEST Post-Grad Internship Programs

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The BEST Post-Grad Internship Programs

If like me, you are inching closer and closer to graduation, chances are you have asked yourself one of these questions:

“What am I supposed to do next?”

“Do I have enough experience to get the job I want?”

“Should I apply for grad school?”

For some, multiple internships, life-long dreams and hours of research have answered these questions, but what about for those who didn’t have an internship during undergrad or perhaps discovered a new passion later in their education? Well, say hello to the much mythicized about internship for recent college grads! Yes, they really do exist and may be just the answer to all of your post-graduation questions.

Companies all over the country and world are looking for recent graduates to add to their team, and these internships don’t just offer experience, they offer benefits that rival the best full-time positions. If the benefits aren’t enough for you to take the post-grad internship plunge (because you are thinking, “Why not just get a real job?”), many of these positions can lead to permanent full-time positions with the company upon completion of the program. The duration of the internship allows you that extra time to consider your career choices in a real-world setting—it’s not everyday that you get a trial run with such great benefits!

Here are a few post-grad internship programs that every recent college or soon-to-be college graduate should consider:

Disney is known for making dreams come true and Disney’s paid internship programs are no exception. The Disney ABC Television Group and Disney-owned companies (think ABC Family, Marvel, and ESPN) have paid internships for recent grads ranging in a variety of areas from biotechnology to communications. They also offer company-sponsored housing, and interns get complimentary theme park tickets!

Find out more:Disney Careers

Are you the star player on your intramural football team? Are you the sports super fan in your group of friends? Take your talent and interest in sports and make a career out of it. The NCAA Postgraduate Internship is a one-year program that provides on-the-job experience for those interested in pursuing a career in intercollegiate athletics administration. This internship provides a paid salary, ten days annual leave, health and dental insurance and more.

If you graduated from a four-year NCAA member institution find out more at: NCAA

Want to work in a major city like Los Angeles, New York or Washington DC? The Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. internship programs will give you experience in a variety of functions including editorial, production, finance and more. All post-graduate internships are paid and are 11 months in duration.

Find out more: Time Warner

If you’ve done your research and still can’t find a post-grad internship in an area that interests you, it is time to get proactive! Research the companies you want to intern for and ask. Many companies have never considered implementing a post-grad internship, while others don’t even know they need an intern. At the very least they tell you no, but there is always a chance they say yes to the intelligent, proactive, go-getter that you are!

Good luck to all of you grads out there, and be sure to keep in touch with Intern Queen—we thrive on your success!

This blog post was done by Kristianne Young, our Campus Ambassador from Arizona State University. You can follow her on Twitter Handle @kristianneyoung.