Best Year Ever: A Back to School Guide

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Best Year Ever: A Back to School Guide

This is a blog from Camille N., our Oconee County High School Ambassador. If you are in high school and would like to blog for our site, then comment below!

With summer almost over, I’m sure a lot of you guys are starting to think about the upcoming school year -- I know I am! Whether you like it or not, summer can’t last forever. You’ve had the best summer ever, but who is to say you can’t have the best school year ever, too? I believe that if you want to have a great time at school, then you will. But, it’s up to up to you to make it great.

Here are my top four tips to making this school year unforgettable:

1. Take a Risk! Join a class or club you usually wouldn’t! Do something unexpected or not like yourself! Taking a risk could lead to uncovering new opportunities you probably wouldn’t have found without branching out. Signing up for a fashion class my sophomore year led me to pursue a career in fashion and inspired me to start my own fashion blog.

2. Dress For a More Confident You! Back to school season is the perfect time to put together a new look. You don’t have to be the same person you were last year. Look at this school year as a fresh start. Dress like the person you’ve always wanted to be, whether it’s a more feminine, edgier, or bolder person. My mom always told me, “When you look good, you feel good!”. So embrace your new style and feel great!

3. Get Involved in Your School! Have you ever noticed those people that just seem to come to school but never participate in any school activities? Don’t become one of them! You are more likely to want to come to school if you actually participate in activities, instead of only academics. Join a club, try out for a sport or volunteer to help out at a school event -- or do all three!

4. Have Fun! This is the most important tip. How are you supposed to have the best year ever if you are not having fun? This year will fly by, so don’t spend all of it worrying about college applications or extra credit assignments. Everything will work itself out in the end. In the meantime, just live your life and take some time to do the things that make you happiest!