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The Blog Blog

This is a guest post by Kellie from Ohio University, one of the Intern Queen’s very own interns!

With classes starting and assignments piling up, we students are in need of one thing – a distraction. Our brains can only handle so much communication law material, and even fewer calculus problems, before we need a mental break. My favorite college “recess” comes in the form of blog browsing. I enjoy surfing the web for blogs about fashion, fitness, food, love, careers and beauty. Actually, I enjoy reading blogs about, well, just about anything. I could spend hours blog browsing. Of course, I do not generally have hours to spare, and I know you don’t either. In order to help make your blog finding process a little easier, we have asked our trusted Intern Queen Campus Ambassadors to share their blog suggestions.

Check out these sites, and let your brain breathe!

The College Crush

A great blog filled with fabulous college love advice . . . and stories!

Miss Vinyl Ahoy

A blog that is “colorful, crazy, and oh-so –Suze,” according to the description. This blog is totally fun and fashion-y and also includes daily outfit photos, DIY posts, interviews and more!

NYC PR Girls

Three 20-something girls document their NYC experiences and share them with you! This blog is a great go-to for career advice and city life tips!

Polish My Crown

This is an incredibly motivating blog by none other than Andrea Teggart, a former Intern Queen intern and Ohio University Campus Ambassador. Visit this blog and you will instantly experience a burst of positivity. I promise you will leave this blog feeling happier and more inspired than ever before.

Cupcakes and Cashmere

This is truly a blog for everyone. Seriously, If blogs were clothes, then this would be a one size fits all. With sections including “Outfits,” “Recipes,” “How To,” and “At Home,” I dare you to try to not find something that interests you.

Thought Catalog

This is technically a magazine, but hey, I’ll let it slide. (Yes, it’s that good.) If you love culture, entertainment or enjoy your current events served with a side of humor, then you cannot skip this site.

Girl Meets Life.

This blog captures one girl’s journey to live a happy, healthy, fun and fulfilling life – And she’s letting us join her along the way!

Smart, Pretty & Awkward

This blog tells you how to be smarter, prettier and (less) awkward in all sorts of situations. This blog is basically a training manual for life, and it’s a good one at that.

. .. And now for the fashion finale! This section is for the fashionistas, self-proclaimed or otherwise. Browse these blogs to explore the latest trends, view the latest street chic styles and pick up some seriously awesome shopping tips!

Gary Pepper Vintage

The Blonde Salad


Sincerely Jules

On The Racks

Brooklyn Blonde

Fashion Toast

Have a favorite blog that you want to share? Comment below!