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It's Intern Queen Party Time! blog image
It's that time of year again... That's right, it's #InternQueenParty season!  We are hosting these fun and FREE parties in 5 different cities... read more
6 Ways to Land Your Dream Job blog image
An internship is a two-way process. Interns get the opportunity to experience their chosen careers in real time while employers get the chance to... read more
The Crazy Sticker Challenge!  blog image
Lately I've noticed a trend among many college students- stickers on their computers! I wanted to switch things up a bit on the YouTube channel today... read more
How to Save Money During Your Internship blog image
I love that part of my job as The Intern Queen involves me speaking to students all over the country. Whether it be via Skype or in person I love to... read more
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Stressed about finding that summer internship? I'm here to help! Below I've made a list of a lot of companies that are currently looking for... read more
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Learn how to pack for your NYC summer internship! It’s always best to be prepared for everything, but it’s easy to overpack. Today I’m going to show... read more
Story Time! I Spilled Coffee at My Internship!  blog image
Having 15 internships in college allowed me to gain real world experience that eventually helped me not only land a job after college but ultimately... read more
How to Make the Most of Your Experience Abroad blog image
This is a guest blog written by Kat from Study Abroad Apartments. Whether you’re studying in Florence, or interning in Madrid, sometimes it can be... read more
EveryDay Makeup Tutorial for Work/School!  blog image
Hey everyone! I am super excited to share today’s highly requested video. So many of you have been asking for a tutorial on how to do your makeup in... read more
Going with Your Gut Feeling!  blog image
Sometimes trusting your gut is all it takes to find yourself living your dream job! I’m super excited to share with you my story about... read more