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Become YouTube Famous While In School! blog image
Want to become Youtube famous while still in school? A few weeks ago I spoke at Towson University and met up with Taylor Laois who is both a... read more
5 Quick Job Tips! blog image
I recently spoke to some friends. Both are managers in their fields and we're always chatting about best practices and how their employees can... read more
Working “Me Time” Into Your Schedule blog image
This blog was written by Kaitlyn Smith, our previous Campus Ambassador at Drexel University. Sometimes our days are too packed to even consider... read more
5 Tips to Manage Your Time and Stay Organized this Semester blog image
A few years ago I would email students to tell them they needed to be more involved. Nowadays, the tables have turned and I constantly talk to... read more
How to Manage a Part-Time Job AND An Internship! blog image
School is back in session and most of you are prepping for Spring classes and/or internships. One of the most popular internship questions... read more
Pick a Planner: Lily Pulitzer vs Erin Condren  blog image
We’re only two months shy of the Fall semester beginning, and back to school shopping will be on everyone's minds! There are so many things on... read more
5 Ways I Survived the High School Years blog image
This is a guest blog post written by our campus ambassador Amanda Lien.  While browsing Twitter the other day, I came across a thread that... read more
5 Ways College Classes Can Prepare You for the Real World!  blog image
This is a guest blog post written by our Campus Ambassador from SUNY Oswego, Ilyssa Weiner. Sure, the internships you do outside of college... read more
10 Things to Survive Studying Abroad  blog image
This is a guest blog post written by Washington Intern Student Housing. Let’s face it, getting a plane to a place where you don’t know anyone or... read more
3 Ways to Cure Senioritis!  blog image
This is a guest blog post written by Lizzy Ferriera. Being a senior in college can be scary knowing that the dreaded “real world” is coming in... read more