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I hold evaluations with my interns two to three times over the course of the semester. Here are some of the notes we went over during our most recent... read more
Our former ambassador, Laura Monroe, is a graduate assistant at the University of Alabama. I wasn't exactly sure what a graduate assistant did, so I... read more
Lauren contributed to this article written by Aaron Guerrero. It appeared on U.S. News on September 11, 2013. With the arrival of fall, some... read more
I came across this great article on the Harvard Business Review that I had to share -- especially with my recent grads. In it, some of the HBR... read more
I love this article that Julianna Bilton, our Campus Ambassador from Manhattan College, wrote on what she learned from her summer PR internship.... read more
I teamed up with Seventeen Magazine a few months back and put together an Internship Dictionary of commonly-used internship phrases. This is one of... read more
I get it. You applied for a ton of internships (because I told you to apply for at least 10 per semester) and out of all of the opportunities -- the... read more
Our Intern Queen Ambassador Network has really come full circle - the students that launched our program have now graduated and started to slowly (... read more
Wake up. Rush to spanish class. Forget your textbook. Grab a quick lunch. Spill your coffee on your new boots. Go to your internship. Spend an hour... read more
So first, let me say, “Congrats on deciding to take the LSAT and taking the first step towards your future legal career.” Deciding that you even want... read more