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Happy #MusicMonday! Here at the Intern Queen, we feel it's important to fit in a regular exercise routine, even with a busy schedule! Check out... read more
Happy Monday, or should I say happy Music Monday! Our inspiration behind Music Monday comes from our first playlist back in August, KEDS #SOBRAVE... read more
Have you ever had butterflies before an important interview? If so, how do you calm the nerves? For me, upbeat music always motivates and pumps me up... read more
 Music Mondays…who doesn’t like the sound of that?! Here at the Intern Queen, we LOVE music and feel music can help any situation.... read more
Happy Monday, My Lovely Interns!! As some of you may know, on Friday (8/15) I spoke at the Keds Brave Life Summit at the Hearst Building in NYC... read more