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I've noticed a recent change with students. A few years ago I would reach out to them to tell them they needed to get involved. Now students reach... read more
This is a guest blog post written by our campus ambassador Amanda Lien.  While browsing Twitter the other day, I came across a thread that... read more
Over the past year, we’ve had an increased interest in our site from high school students. This is great news, as it shows that young people... read more
Over the past year, we've seen a huge increase in high school students coming to our site. We're so exctied to have these ambitious young groups of... read more
Do you have an innovative idea for a project that will affect a positive social change in your community? What would you do with a grant of of up to... read more
Over the weekend, I spoke at the #Surefire Conference in Los Angeles. Prior to this event, I knew young girls (High School Girls) were interested in... read more
My name is Taylor Hicks. I am a senior at Ronald W. Reagan High School, located in Pfafftown, North Carolina. This summer I will begin my first... read more