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My friend and fellow-CEO, Alyson Roy, is a huge publicist in NYC. Aly and I met as interns at the NYU Summer dorms (of course!). Aly is one of my... read more
Over the past year, we've seen a huge increase in high school students coming to our site. We're so exctied to have these ambitious young groups of... read more
I got an email from a student at Michigan State today (yes, I'm a little backed up on emails and still handling emails from MSU). The student had a... read more
I frequently hear from recent grads who didn't have the opportunity to intern or didn't understand the importance of internships while they... read more
I get it – you want to intern in LA but you have nowhere to stay! I’ve been in your situation. And yes, Los Angeles can be trickier when it comes to... read more
Yesterday, we posted a blog about Glassdoor's article on the highest paying internships. After that article was published, reached out... read more
I received an email from a student who was also a mom asking about the types of internships she could do. When you're a mom, you have different... read more
At the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of American History (NMAH), interns are highly valued members of the Museum’s team. Internship... read more