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You have an internship. You know that internships are crucial to creating and building your career. But what exactly do you do now to make the most... read more
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Whenever I'm speaking at a school, I always get at least one student who wants to be an actor or actress when they graduate. They always ask me what... read more
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This blog post was written by Laurel Mintz - managing director of Elevate My Brand, a company that posts internship listings with read more
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Every day, I receive tons of amazing questions via email and my social media networks asking for advice on all things internship-related. Here is my... read more
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Since a young age, I've always been told that the only way to be happy in life is to be successful. Growing up with this statement in my head, my... read more
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Most people have a passion for something that they want to potentially land a career in. For me, that passion is sports. Ever since I was little, I... read more
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Though landing your dream internship is amazing, it is even more amazing to make the most of it. So many interns take on internships expecting it to... read more